Devon IT Releases Package Management for Thin Client Solutions

Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client and VDI hardware and software solutions, today announced the release of remote and local package management for its thin client software offerings. This release builds upon the recently announced software customization services that Devon IT offers for clients.

Devon IT’s package management allows for easier customization for thin client software. Updates, customized codices, and alterations to software applications can be placed into individual packages to be applied to Devon IT software.  The packages allow for edits and updates to occur without a major overhaul of the entire software system.

System administrators can install packages to update only the necessary items without needing a revision of the entire system.  Additionally, these packages can be easily disabled as needed, granting more control over the environment.

“We are constantly advancing our software offerings to our clients in an effort to make the management of virtualized systems easier to maintain. The package manager makes the implementation of software customization a much simpler process.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

In Echo™ 4.2, Devon IT’s management software, and DeTOS 7.1.1, Devon IT’s operating system, it will no longer be necessary to apply entire images to update or replace a single aspect of DeTOS. With the new package manager in DeTOS, updates and software packages can be incorporated into already existing images through local application. This makes customization a much simpler process, and gives system administrators a lot more freedom when it comes to specializing their environment.

On the management end, Echo™ 4.2 will include the ability to inventory and manage these update packages through the management console. The ability to push individual packages down to multiple terminals from a central location will give system administrators a valuable tool for updating and customizing even the largest environments with ease.

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