Devon IT Releases Latest Thin Client VDI Management Software

Devon IT Echo™ Version 3.2 Drives Simplified Management of Virtual and Hosted Desktops, Including New Dell OptiPlex FX130 and FX170 Thin Clients

Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client hardware, software, and virtual desktop solutions, today released the latest version of its Devon IT Echo™ Thin Client Management software platform that centrally manages thin client virtual desktops.
Devon IT Echo™ Thin Client Management Software Version 3.2 combines thin client management capabilities with connection management features. Whether overseeing complex, large scale hosted-desktop deployments or managing a small group of thin client terminals, IT personnel use Devon IT Echo™ to manage multiple desktops from one central location.

“Devon IT Echo is the premier tool for managing heterogeneous desktop environments. We continually collaborate with the most progressive users of virtual desktops, along with leading industry VDI companies, to enhance a management platform that is easy to use, powerful, and flexible. During a time in which the major desktop and server manufacturers are expanding their virtual desktop offerings, improving upon our intuitive management platform is of the utmost importance, and we are committed to supporting the advancement of our industry and responding to our customers’ needs.”

“Devon IT Echo software is designed to provide IT administrators with a simplified, consistent way to cost-effectively manage hosted or virtualized desktops. We look forward to continuing the development of our products as more and more companies begin to look away from PC hardware and towards virtual infrastructures.”

– Joe Makoid, president, Devon IT

Devon IT Echo™ Thin Client Management Software Version 3.2 Can Now be Utilized to Manage:

  • Next-generation thin clients running Windows Embedded Standard (WES) or Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS 7), including the Devon IT TC5D and TC5Dc thin client models and Dell’s recently released OptiPlex FX130 and OptiPlex170 thin clients.
  • PCs running Devon IT’s VDI Blaster™ software that converts old computers into virtual clients via USB, dual-boot, or full hard drive installation.
  • Microsoft® Windows® Embedded thin clients, including connections, settings, and images for Devon IT thin clients running WES.
  • Hosted desktop environments using the PC-over-IP™ architecture that combines remote workstations with high-performance desktop access devices including the Dell FX100.

Echo Availability

Echo is supplied with all versions of Devon IT VDI solutions and is also available from For more information about Devon IT’s products that orderable from Dell, or to arrange for a proof-of-concept, email, or call 610-757-4220 or toll-free 888-524-9382. Information is also available at

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