Devon IT Offers Software Customization for Dell Thin Clients

Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client and VDI solutions, today announced a full list of thin client customization services for the operating systems and management software for the Dell OptiPlex 130 and 170 thin clients.  These services give companies the ability to deploy a customized thin client desktop and management framework to help meet their specific requirements

“Thin client technologies are constantly developing, and we are in a constant high tech state of change to keep up with new and emerging innovations. All thin client solutions developed by our professional engineers encompass expansion capabilities towards new changes.  Software customization is an extension of our commitment to deliver the very best thin client and VDI solutions for our partners and customers.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Devon IT services will be based on a detailed understanding of specific customer requirements and will utilize the existing Devon IT DeTOS or Windows Embedded Standard (WES) thin client software and Devon IT Echo™ Management software.

Customization services are offered for all existing and new Dell and Devon IT thin clients.

With These Customization Services, Customers Can:

  • Add private encryption certificates for use with ICA and browsers.
  • Change branding and desktop wallpaper as well as the boot splash screen.
  • Add hardware support not offered by standard DeTOS or WES.
  • Customize zero configuration images for clients.
  • Customize default settings.
  • Custom VDI Blaster repurposing software images
  • Customized management software based on Devon Echo.

This range of customization services includes everything from configuration settings to custom agents. Additionally, Devon can create thin client images for a wide range of Dell endpoint devices including Dell Notebooks and Dell All-in-One PCs.

VDI Blaster™ and Devon IT operating systems come bundled with Devon IT’s Echo™ Thin Client Management Software. Echo™ is a unique and powerful software product developed exclusively by Devon IT that combines thin client management capabilities with connection management features. Customers use Echo™ to oversee large-scale hosted-desktop deployments, and also to manage small groups of thin client terminals. Both software products are available through Dell.

“Unifying the management of disparate thin devices is crucial in VDI deployments. Echo, combined with custom DeTOS or WES operating system images, helps our customers integrate their heterogeneous desktop devices.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

For more information about virtual desktop hardware and software solutions orderable through Dell, or to schedule a private demonstration, email

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