Devon IT Launches New ARM-based FX1 Thin Client at Sub-$200 Price Point

Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software and hardware solutions, today announced the FX1 thin client, a dual digital display thin client featuring an ARM(R)-based system-on-a-chip (SoC). The FX1, built around the DM8148 ARM applications processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), is designed to provide users with an advanced, high-performance thin client at a low price.

“We’re seeing widespread interest in the ARM SoC processor for the thin client platform segment, signaling high demand from a variety of industries. It’s a cost-effective solution for the delivery of improved performance and energy efficiency in an enclosed, fanless system. Leveraging the high-definition user experience capabilities of Citrix HDX, the FX1 provides an excellent experience for demanding users who require multi-monitor support and high-definition video at a low cost.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

“The ability to deliver a high-definition user experience for virtual desktops is a key requirement to drive enterprise-wide adoption of desktop virtualization. Citrix innovations around incorporating market-leading HDX capabilities into standards based SoC processors allow partners like Devon IT to offer new products with unmatched performance at dramatically reduced price points”

– Aimee Catalano, Vice President, Alliance Marketing at Citrix.

“We are in the cloud communications era, and TI’s embedded solutions support a new generation of thin clients with critical performance and power value advantages. With its next-generation thin client solutions, Devon IT is taking full advantage of one such TI solution–the high performing, low-power DM8148 applications processor–to deliver the advanced VDI and accelerated multimedia experiences desktop users demand.”

– Kim Devlin-Allen, Business Manager for TI’s Thin Client Business

Available in the third quarter of this year, the FX1 thin client is based on TI’s 1GHz DM8148 SoC with integrated video acceleration, enabling the device to support high-end features such as HD video. The thin client also utilizes dual Digital Video Interface (DVI) output for dual HD monitor connectivity, a feature not seen before in such a low-cost device.

The FX1 is designed to serve as the endpoint for user access to virtual desktops, and will be available with DeTOS(TM). It will include optimized versions of Citrix Receiver(TM) for access desktops, applications and data delivered via Citrix XenDesktop(R).

The Citrix HDX-capable, ARM-based thin client will allow users to take advantage of rich media features such as 3D user interface, full-motion video, animations, and portable graphics stacks like Microsoft Silverlight and Flash, as well as a diverse array of client-side services. This powerful terminal can deliver a truly HD experience while being energy efficient enough to utilize power over Ethernet technology.

“The FX1, operating with TI’s powerful DM8148 ARM applications processor, offers high-performance Internet and application capabilities with dual digital video capability at a very attractive price. Devon IT’s goals have always been anchored in driving innovation to develop high-performance products that use less energy and reduce IT costs across the board. We are excited to work with our customers and our industry partners, including Citrix, to deliver the enterprise-wide benefits of the FX1 to customers needing high-performance, low-cost IT solutions.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

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