Devon IT Launches Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based TC5 Thin Client

Devon IT, Inc., today announced the availability of the TC5 thin client built with the Intel® Atom™ Processor. The TC5 is the world’s first and only thin client with the ability to support dual independent high definition digital displays and render videos on the web or remotely. View the Intel Case Study ) which discusses how this Atom-based thin client terminal offers rich performance and decreased costs.

“The TC5, operating with Intel’s powerful, newly-designed processor, sets the thin client computing industry standard with high-performance Internet and application capabilities that rival the user experiences delivered by traditional desktop PCs,” says Joe Makoid, president of Devon IT. “Devon IT’s goals have always been anchored in driving innovation to develop high-performance products that use less energy and reduce IT costs across-the-board. We are excited to work with our industry partners, including Citrix and VMware, to deliver the enterprise-wide benefits of the TC5 to customers needing high-performance, low-cost IT solutions.”

“We’re seeing widespread interest in the Intel Atom processor for the thin client platform segment, signaling high demand from a variety of industries,” says Joe Jensen, General Manager of the Embedded Computing Division of the Intel Embedded and Communications Group. “It’s a cost-effective solution to delivery of improved performance and energy efficiency in an enclosed, fanless system.”

“The TC5 with the Intel Atom processor and its integrated GPU is capable of handling a high level of display updates, in the tens of megapixels per second,” explains Stephane Verdy, Chief Technology Officer of Devon IT. “Coupled with the latest high-quality remote access protocols such as Citrix ICA with HDX, VMware MMR or Red Hat SPICE, the TC5 provides an excellent experience for demanding users who require multi-monitor support, high-definition video and use high throughput devices such as VOIP headsets.”

Product Features

  • Available with Microsoft XP embedded (XPe) or Linux-based Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS)
  • Intel Atom 270 1.6GHz Single Core
  • Dual DVI (Digital) Output
  • Dual Monitor Capable
  • Up to 2GB RAM & 2GB Flash
  • Internal Wireless Option with hidden Internal Antenna
  • Consumes 9-12 watts of power

Partner Reviews 
“The advanced features in the TC5 thin client will allow our customers to take full advantage of the new HDX Technology in Citrix XenDesktop. With HDX, Citrix provides the only virtual desktop solution that can deliver a high-definition experience, allowing end users to have the same experience with virtual desktops that they have come to expect from a traditional PC when using graphically-intense programs or multimedia applications over any network,” said Sumit Dhawan, vice president, product marketing, Desktop Delivery Group at Citrix. “Citrix and Devon IT continue to work together as part of the Citrix Desktop Appliance partner program to ensure that XenDesktop and Devon IT thin clients provide an ideal solution for today’s demanding desktop environments. We have been successful with Devon IT for many years and look forward to working with them to implement the TC5.”

“VMware has worked with Devon IT as a VMware Thin Client Certification Program partner to help our customers realize the full benefits of a complete solution leveraging our virtual desktop technology,” said Jerry Chen, senior director of desktop virtualization, VMware. “Our customers want rich, personalized virtual desktops that are available 24/7 from different locations and devices, and the TC5 together with VMware View helps us expand their options.”

Customer Reviews
After comparisons with other leading thin client brands, XN Corporation bought the TC5 because of its advanced features and cost. “The TC5 is an ideal client to connect to remote virtual desktops hosted on a cloud,” explained XN Corporation CEO Ian St. Clair. “We were looking for a powerful desktop device to provide in-room entertainment and internet access for our hotel clients. The TC5 provides very rich graphic in a thin client making it a very powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional desktop PCs.”

The TC5 thin client is available for product reviews upon request. More information is available at

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