Devon IT Launches HC12 Remote Workstation Using Teradici’s PC-over-IP Technology

Devon IT, Inc., today announced the availability of the HC12 remote workstation built with Teradici® PCoIP® technology, a platform that gives demanding users the benefits of remote desktop computing while providing high-resolution, full frame 3D graphics and HD media that matches the performance of professional workstations. Devon IT is hosting free webinars for the media and other interested parties on Thursday, March 12 at 9:00 a.m. EST, 11:30 a.m. EST, and 2:00 p.m. EST to discuss the HC12. Register at

Teradici’s PCoIP technology uses a chipset that compresses and encodes the entire PC experience at the datacenter and transmits it over a standard IP network a stateless desktop portal. The HC12 Remote Workstation solution offers the end-user a true computing experience, including demanding users in markets that require exceptional performance such as financial analysis, digital content creation (DCC), computer-aided design (CAD), geographic information systems (GIS), computer animation, software development, and Internet content creation (ICC). PCoIP on the rack-mounted HC12 workstation paired with the Devon IT TC10 desktop access device makes the management, maintenance, and security benefits of remote desktop computing available as a cost-saving alternative to traditional enterprise PC desktops or workstations.

“The HC12 delivers unprecedented multimedia support for end-users accessing a remote workstation with a user experience as rich as traditional desktop PCs. This technology signals a new wave in thin client and alternative desktop computing,” said Joe Makoid, president of Devon IT. “The HC12 with PCoIP technology is another achievement extending from Devon IT’s collaboration Teradici, Leostream, and other market leaders. Now even high-end users with extensive software requirements can realize the security, management, and energy benefits of thin client computing and deploy this advanced technology for a fraction of deploying desktops in the enterprise. We are proud to be leaders in this market and expect the HC12 be in high demand.”

“We’re seeing widespread interest in PCoIP technology for the remote workstation platform and high demand from a variety of industries,” says said Dan Cordingley, President and CEO of Teradici Corporation. “It’s a cost-effective solution for delivery of high performance in a rack-mounted enclosure. The enhanced features of Devon IT’s innovative HC12 rack workstation and remote access solution was developed specifically for professionals in engineering, product design, animation, and digital imaging. The Devon platform will enable centrally managed access between the high-performance workstation in the datacenter and a stateless desktop device, while providing secure access for remote workstation users.”

“Leostream Connection Broker is designed to make Devon IT’s HC12 Remote Workstation solution even more flexible, efficient, and robust, and allow organizations to derive the most value from investment in this system,” said Michael Palin CEO of Leostream. “The Connection Broker reduces the operational cost of assigning workstations to users, seamlessly handles workstation failure, reduces the overall system cost through a rich set of configurable policies, and offers end users highly flexible and secure access from any thin client. Leostream helps bring new flexibility and simplicity to Devon customers who need to build a unified hosted end-user computing environment from a heterogeneous data center environment.”

The HC12 is available with three configuration options. Features include:

  • Advanced remote workstation using PCoIP
  • Intel Xeon Quad Core
  • Wide choice of workstation-class OpenGL graphics cards
  • Works with TC10/CP20 desktop access device
  • Rack Mounted, Not specific to BladeCenter

The HC12 Remote Workstation is available for product reviews upon request. More information is available at

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