Devon IT Launches Echo 4™ Thin Client Management Solution

Management of Thin Client and VDI Solutions Unified Through Most Advanced Platform Available

Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client and VDI hardware and software solutions, today announced its latest release of the industry-leading Echo™ thin client management platform.

Devon IT’s Echo™ thin client management software version 4 is a unique and powerful software product, developed exclusively by Devon IT that combines thin client management capabilities with connection control features. Echo 4™ joins all of the features and function of previous versions, along with user interface and scalability enhancements required by the world’s largest VDI deployments.

“With this latest release of Echo™ we have combined the feature, function, and scalability requirements of Dell as well as our end user customers. This new and powerful platform is unique in that it is currently managing customer VDI environments ranging from 100 desktops to global implementations in the hundreds of thousands.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

All VDI and thin client devices that run DeTOS or Devon IT’s WES operating systems can be managed by Devon IT’s Echo™ thin client management software. Echo™ management software automates the distribution of settings and connections to the thin client terminals, enabling system and desktop administrators to create or copy new arrangements of settings, connections, and disk images to tailor the IT environment to their needs. Among the many available settings that can be utilized was the ability to apply a password for the DeTOS control panel that prevented the end users from altering or creating connections, giving administrators greater ability to prevent end user error.

Devon IT Echo™ Thin Client Management Software Version 4 Offers the Ability to:

  • Manage next-generation DeTOS 7.0.4 thin clients, including Dell FX130, Dell FX170, and all Devon IT devices
  • Manage VDI Blaster™ PCs: Repurpose your PCs with VDI Blaster™ and begin reaping all the benefits of thin client computing. Use Devon IT Echo™ thin client management software version 4 to centrally manage your newly converted hardware
  • Manage Microsoft Windows Embedded thin clients: Manage connections, settings, and images for Devon IT thin clients running WES7 and WES09

Echo Features Include:

  • Scalability to manage very large VDI deployments in multiple locations
  • Centralized Control – Add, delete, or change software and configuration without visiting each user’s desktop device
  • Intuitive new UI with Web-based Management Console – Easy for administrators to learn quickly and use, and is accessible from any device on the network
  • Backup/Restore – Backup creates a snapshot of the current management state that can be restored later via the Restore feature. This allows for disaster recovery, as well as persistence of management configuration and device inventory following management software upgrades
  • Virtualized – Devon IT Echo™ thin client management software is distributed as a virtual machine. All required components are contained in the virtual appliance and there is no need to install a 3rd party web server or database
  • Profiling – Ability to create and assign profiles to easily provision the thin clients’ configuration and role
  • Event Logging – Communication events are recorded and can be searched for in the Web-based GUI

Echo 4™ Also Offers a wide Range of Cloning Capabilities Such as:

  • Connections – Devon IT Echo™ thin client management software allows you to configure how your thin clients connect to your servers.
  • You can create different types of connections, store them within the Devon IT Echo™ thin client management software database, and then apply them to other clients
  • Thin Client Settings – These include display, sound, keyboard, mouse, printer, appearance, time, agent password, persistence, and network connections. Thin client management software allows you to clone these settings from one thin client, store them within the Echo ™ thin client management software version 4 database, and then apply them to other clients
  • Complete Images – Devon IT Echo™ thin client management software allows you to perform full disk image cloning of your thin clients. Images can be stored on file servers and accessed using FTP or NFS protocols

For a sneak peak of Echo 4™ watch our CTO, Ian Geiser, give a demonstration of all the new features: Click Here

For more information about Devon IT Echo™ and virtual desktop hardware and software solutions orderable through Dell, or to schedule a private demonstration, email

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