Devon IT Extends Free VDI Blaster™ Software License Program to all Dell Customers, Enables Thin Client Access and Testing to More Users

Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client and VDI hardware and software solutions, today announced that any Dell customer can receive free VDI Blaster™ software licenses. Devon IT began this offer for Dell K-12 and higher education customers in October 2011.

VDI Blaster™ is software that repurposes desktop PCs into virtual thin clients via a simple plug-and-play solution. IT administrators can test the various benefits of thin client computing by using VDI Blaster first before committing to a large scale deployment. They can also test the benefits of centrally managing multiple desktops at once using Devon IT Echo™, a software platform for managing all Dell and Devon IT thin clients and repurposed PCs.

Devon IT software is available from Dell as Devon IT VDI Blaster Dell Edition and Devon IT Echo Thin Client Management Console Dell Edition. Learn more about Dell’s Thin Client Software Solutions.

“We began this VDI Blaster program with Dell’s education customers, but soon expanded the offer to Dell’s healthcare and SMB sectors due to high demand. Our goal with this program from the onset was to allow Dell customers to test VDI Blaster and experience both the extended capital investment benefits but more importantly the benefits of virtual desktop computing. The ability for IT administrators to access a risk-free thin client trial, experience a centrally managed IT environment, and save money in hardware deployment costs is a very powerful combination, and we’re excited to allow more Dell customers to participate.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

IT administrators can run VDI Blaster™ off of a CD or USB, perform a full hard drive installation of the software, or opt to have the PC run in dual boot mode allowing the option to use the software. VDI Blaster™ gives users access to a Windows desktop or Devon IT Terminal Operating System (DeTOS), a Linux-based OS. Either method allows users a true PC experience, even when running multimedia, video, and high-powered applications.

Dell customers should contact their Dell sales representative to confirm eligibility for this program. For more information about virtual desktop hardware and software solutions orderable through Dell, or to schedule a private demonstration, email

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