Devon IT Announces TC2D Zero Client

Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client and VDI solutions, today announced the availability of its latest VDI client, the TC2D Zero Client.

The new TC2D Zero (TC2DZ) is a streamlined version of their TC2D thin client specifically adjusted and configured to act as a zero client desktop solution.  The TC2D Zero is provided preconfigured in Devon Zero mode right out of the box.  Additionally, the flash memory has been removed, lowering the costs for clients while maintaining all the functionality desired from a zero client computing device.

“The release of this new Devon Zero thin client was based on customer and partner feedback for a low-cost, specialized zero client offering. The TC2DZ, combined with our new zero configuration mode in DeTOS give customers another zero client option.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Upon bootup of the TC2DZ, a user simply enters their username and password and in no time they are up and running. Devon Zero™ obtains the service information from the DNS, obtains the operating system image, and connects the user to their desktop. It really can’t get any simpler for the user. This thin client is an ideal desktop replacement for businesses looking to downsize their infrastructures and reduce both management and power costs.

The TC2D Zero offers all of the benefits of zero client computing: a plug-and-play user experience, low power consumption, and extremely low management requirements.  Using the Devon Zero technology, the TC2D Zero can do this through either RDP or ICA protocols, instead of being limited by a single protocol or being limited by processing power.

The TC2D Zero is available with a Dell SnP part number (A5818935).

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