Devon IT Announces SafeBook Thin Client Program for Dell

Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client hardware, software, and VDI solutions, today announced a new program where Dell customers can have virtually any Dell notebook converted to a thin client that is manageable by Devon IT’s Echo Management software. The new service, called SafeBook® For Dell, builds on Devon IT’s considerable expertise in the field and brings thin client benefits to many Dell notebooks.

“Devon IT has once again collaborated with Dell to provide advanced alternative desktop technologies capable of transforming the way IT pros think about computing. The SafeBook For Dell is the latest thin client offering from Devon IT and provides all the advantages of a Dell notebook with the benefits of a thin client approach. We continue to develop new solutions with IT leaders to advance thin client technology, and are excited to offer this latest approach with Dell.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

The SafeBook For Dell program is compatible with Dell notebook hardware.

Devon IT has Validated the Following Current Dell Notebooks as Thin Clients with More to Follow:

  • Latitude E5420
  • Latitude E6220
  • Latitude E6420
  • Vostro V1440 BTX
  • XPS 13 Ultrabook

Devon IT SafeBook For Dell is based on a detailed understanding of specific customer requirements and offers either Devon IT DeTOS or Windows Embedded Standard (WES) thin client software, along with Echo™ Management software Dell Edition.

Devon IT thin clients come bundled with Devon IT’s Echo™ Thin Client Management Software. Echo™ is a unique and powerful software product developed exclusively by Devon IT that combines thin client management capabilities with connection management features. Customers use Echo™ to oversee large-scale hosted-desktop deployments, and also to manage small groups of thin client terminals. Customers who take advantage of any Dell or Devon IT thin clients devices benefit from a fully integrated management approach through Echo.

“Unifying the management of different thin devices is crucial in VDI deployments. Echo, combined with custom DeTOS or WES operating system images, helps our customers integrate a wide variety of desktop and laptop thin client devices efficiently and effectively.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

For more information about virtual desktop hardware and software solutions orderable through Dell, or to schedule a private demonstration, email

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