Devon IT announces Plans for Integration of Thin Client Solutions with Microsoft RemoteFX

Devon IT, Inc., a provider of thin client hardware and software solutions , today announced plans to support Microsoft RemoteFX, a feature being developed for Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, in a future version of Devon IT products.

Devon IT is developing a Microsoft RemoteFX software client that will be integrated into its Devon Terminal System (DeTOS) and VDI Blaster products. The RemoteFX client will allow users to take advantage of rich media features such as 3D user interface, video, animations, and portable graphics stacks like Microsoft Silverlight and Flash, and a diverse array of client-side devices. This means that customers who purchase a Devon IT thin client such as the TC5 today will be able to upgrade DeTOS and take advantage of Microsoft RemoteFX when it becomes available.

“Devon IT has been a recognized innovator in developing cutting-edge alternative desktop technologies for the last five years. When an iconic company like Microsoft , which has built the modern desktop computer industry into what it is today , announces technology like Microsoft Remote FX it is a market setting and industry changing event. It is exciting for us to announce our full support of Microsoft Remote FX. The VDI Blaster, the Devon TC5, the E5400X SafeBook and the new Devon RemoteFX Zero client will provide our customers and business partners with powerful , graphically rich and energy efficient solutions for their desktop deployments. The RemoteFX-based products and technologies from Devon IT will fundamentally help our customers increase their desktop computing productivity and reduce their costs.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Historically the end-user experience has been a factor limiting the usability in some remote desktops. Microsoft RemoteFX gives an enhanced user experience regardless of the type of application (3D, web based video streaming, etc). Since RemoteFX relies on server-side rendering, it enables Devon IT to build simplified thin clients that do not need to be upgraded as new multimedia players or codecs are created. This allows customers to deploy low cost, highly secure, highly reliable and centrally manageable thin clients even to their most demanding users.

“As organizations plan to deploy a centralized computing architecture with virtualized or session-based desktops, IT professionals want to deliver a premium user experience to connected workers. The Microsoft RemoteFX feature in Windows Server will allow remote workers to access any type of application or screen content, including rich media and 3D applications. Companies such as Devon IT are offering a path to the future by investing in solutions today that will increase the flexibility and performance of a centralized desktop environment.”

– Mike Schutz, director of product management at Microsoft Corp

Read Microsoft’s announcement, “Microsoft Accelerates Desktop Virtualization“.

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