Devon IT and Acer Host Webinar Focusing on Thin Client and VDI for K-12

Devon IT today announced they are co-hosting an Education Webinar with Acer, “Virtual Desktop Computing in K-12: Technology Helping Education.” Join Acer and Devon IT for an informative session on a school district’s journey in becoming a 21st Century learning environment by integrating technology and implementing a virtualized computer lab for its students.

Virtual Desktop Computing in K-12: Technology Helping Education

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM Pacific Time / 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Patrick Christl, Technology Specialist of Pennoyer Elementary School will share their experience of implementing a virtualized computer lab and server infrastructure. The webinar shows how virtualization, a shared computing strategy, maximizes efficiency by harnessing the computing power of underutilized PCs and is an excellent way to bring classrooms and labs into the 21st century, in a simple and cost effective manner. It also demonstrates how virtualization allows schools to achieve more with less by simplifying management, allowing for blended learning and collaborative technology use and by facilitating incremental rollouts. Patrick will share the process, successes and the lessons learned.

“Less than a decade ago, technology in the classroom was still considered a luxury. Today, it’s an essential tool to learning. It’s no longer about providing the bare minimum, but discovering the most innovative ways to improve education through these vast and diverse technological advancements in the world. Thin Clients and virtual desktop infrastructure is an essential element in bringing technology to school districts in a cost–effective way.”

– Joe Makoid, President of Devon IT

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