Can Cloud Computing Help the Unemployment Crisis?

Could Cloud Computing Impact the Job Market in the Next Few Years?

According to a recent study by the analyst firm IDC, it will.

Expanding on a study done several years ago, the IDC shows that nearly 14 million new jobs could be created worldwide by 2015. The International Labor Organization states that the current worldwide unemployment rate is at 6.1%, which means over 200 million people are out of work on a global level. The US job market saw the first increase in the unemployment rate in the last year, standing at 8.2%, up from 8.1% in April. The growing industry of cloud computing and the potential resulting job increase provides much needed encouragement for a flagging global economy.

The main premise behind the IDC’s study is that streamlining IT leads to businesses cutting back on both IT time and finances that would normally be spent managing legacy systems. Business innovation leads to business revenue, which in turn leads to job creation. While this line of thought is not unique to this study, it reinforces the importance of innovative thinking and progress within the IT industry and how it impacts the rest of the business world.

The study takes into consideration public and private cloud computing, and much of the job growth is centered in Asia. Another major implication in the study is that many of the jobs are likely to be created in the small to medium business market. In the US market, New York is expected to see the largest growth percentage of cloud generated jobs at nearly 3%.

There will be challenges that need to be faced as the cloud market grows, but there is no doubt that it is going to continue to change the way businesses run across the globe. What are your thoughts on the growth of the cloud computing market and how it can change the job market?

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