Correlation Between Thin Clients and Cloud Computing

Still Nervous About Making the Transition Over to Cloud Computing? A Majority of People Have Used Cloud Computing Without Realizing It.

Thin Clients and Cloud ComputingDaily online tasks are completed in the cloud, such as email and online banking.  Companies are growing less dependent on their clunky PCs and  considering the move to thin clients and cloud computing.

Thin clients allow multiple access points to data through one centralized place or server. They serve the same basic functions of a typical PC without the hard drive. While PCs store applications, sensitive data, memory on their hard drives, thin clients store this information in the data center.

Cloud computing allows users to share data with no centralized storage point. Information that was previously saved on a hard drive can be securely accessed by multiple users; this includes data storage and applications.  By storing all of this information on the cloud, there is no reason to hold on to a clunky PC. A thin client will do the same job at less of a cost.

Benefits of Thin Clients and Cloud Computing

  • Enhanced Security: By using and saving information on the cloud it eliminates the chance of physical data being completely lost. Anti-virus protection and program patches can be held and maintained on the cloud. Data cannot be copied onto a disk or saved to any other location then the server.
  • Cost Reduction: Upfront costs are less; thin clients cost less than PCs. With all software located on the cloud there is no need for one on one machine program updates. Switching from PCs to thin clients will even reduce the cost on an energy bill and a company’s carbon footprint. Thin clients only consume an average of 8-20 watts compared to a 150 watt PC.
  • Remote Accessibility: Employees will have flexibility throughout their work day; users will be able to access company software and files on multiple devices. If users need to work outside of the office they will have the same access.
  • Increased Productivity: Thin clients are easy to set up, and do not require an IT specialist. All software upgrades can be completed at the data center, which cuts down time updating each machine individually.

Cloud computing and thin clients can help a company save money while upgrading their technology. Thin clients are the endpoint devices that allow users a secure access to the cloud. With cloud computing there is no need to worry about hardware space for applications; this reduces the workload on servers while providing secure access to thin client users. Together they offer a cost efficient solution, cloud computing provides continuation of server-based computing while thin clients provide the end-point for your cloud computing solution.

By using cloud computing and thin clients users will have access to their work from anywhere. This is beneficial for any company with employee’s on-the-go. For more information on thin client technology take a look here.

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