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Press Release IndicatorDevon IT Launches LTM 1.2.1 Thin Client Management Software

LTM Thin Client Management Software

LTM 1.2.1 Includes New Security, Reporting and Management Capabilities for Administrating Lenovo ThinkCentre Thin Clients Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client software solutions, announced its latest release of Lenovo Thin Client Manager (LTM). LTM 1.2.1 is a powerful thin client management platform, developed exclusively for Lenovo ThinkCentre thin clients by Devon IT. “With this latest release of LTM…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorComparing Thin Client OS Options from a Cost Standpoint

Linux vs Windows OS for Thin Clients

Linux OS (LeTOS) vs. Windows OS (WES7)| Available on Lenovo Thin Clients Thin clients and thin client software is not a one size fits all scenario. Almost every customer and every use case will need different capabilities of the operating system. There are many variables in the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each thin client OS solution stack that…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorMicrosoft Windows XP Support Expiring 2014 – Now What?

Windows XP Support Expiring April 2014

Microsoft Will No longer be Offering Support and Updates for Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 As of April 8, 2014 the Microsoft will no longer be offering support and updates for Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003, creating a number of questions and concerns amongst businesses who may not be ready to break up with XP. Why are they…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorInfographic: Four Prominent Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization Featured Image 1

The World is Going Virtual As We Can See. Consumers and businesses alike are moving more applications to the cloud and we are in search of technologies to make our lives and jobs easier and more manageable. What we are focusing on in particular is that enterprises are looking at desktop virtualization as to better align their cloud computing and…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorThe Four Most Prominent Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

As a general explanation, desktop virtualization involves separating the physical location of a client device from its logical interface, allowing end users to access their data and applications from anywhere. Desktop virtualization “virtualizes desktop computers”. A user interacts with a virtual desktop in the same way they would use a physical desktop. Desktop virtualization lets users remotely log in to…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorCollege Discovers Their Desktop End Point Solution

Devon IT providing thin clients to colleges

A higher education college in Scotland that offers a wide range of courses, including administrative business, computing, child care, media, social sciences, and art and science wanted to simplify their desktop management environment. There are about 350 employees and approximately 10,500 students enrolled annually. The higher education facility contacted Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client terminals and server-hosted…   Read More →